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JNS Global Consulting, LLC is proud to present the first iPhone and iPod Touch App
specifically designed to
Track Vacation, Sick and Other Time Off.

Now available on the App Store for
only US$0.99!
iTrackVacaTime!  The newest app to help you track your
days off from work.

Planning a long weekend getaway but don’t remember
how many vacation days you have available?

Not feeling well? Want to call in sick but just don't
remember how many days you have to spare?

As an employee, you only get a specified amount of days
off; its time you start making the most out of them by
planning for your time efficiently and effectively.

Now there is finally an app that can easily show you how
much vacation, sick and other time off you have

For only US$0.99 no longer do you have to keep track of
your time off manually, or be forced to go to Human
Resources - you can plan and utilize your time off more
efficiently and cross reference your time off with HR’s
records to verify accuracy.

1.     Easily see how much vacation, sick and other time
off you have available for the year as soon as you  
open the application.

2.     Input dates, descriptions and time for past and
upcoming events.

3.     Review and track time used and time planned.

4.     Upcoming events will automatically move from time
planned to time spent when the event passes.

5.     Track rollover time from year to year.

Application was developed by, and all calculations verified
by a Certified Public Accountant.

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